Too Many

The problem with crowds.



     The clutter of too many things piles up in our lives.  It blocks a clear path.  It obscures a new way.  It makes us feel overwhelmed with the prospect of trying before we even begin.  These are not just the physical things.  The mental things do the same, and they are even harder to spot and clear out.  

     Take a deep breath.  What is it you want to move towards in your minds eye?  Better health?  Better relationships?  Better performance?    Who would you have to be to get there? What would you have to let go of to consider it possible?  Who are you being when you make your decisions?  Your best most capable self, or your disorganized overwhelmed self?  Which feels more powerful?   As your most authentic yet powerful self, what would be the first small step after realizing change is possible?  Do that.  Then ask again.  Break it down into manageable pieces.    Slow and steady, small and sneaky.  

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