Life can surprise you if you let it. 

Brilliant Blue and White Plum Blossoms

Brilliant Blue and White Plum Blossoms


     This past Lunar New Year I got a little sick-  right before I was to travel to visit family for the celebrations.  In the past I would have cancelled the trip due to my expectation of how I am when I am sick... miserable, bed ridden, no appetite, terrible.  But to cancel would have been really tough for all the schedules involved.  So I decided to go anyway and make the best of it. (This side of the family doesn't quarantine sick people).  

     So off we went.  And although I was more tired than usual and could not roller skate, I got to celebrate, spend time with loved ones and generally have  good time.  I am so glad that I did not cancel and I am so glad I allowed myself room to wait and see.   I was careful and took things slowly.   By allowing myself the space to watch and really listen to how I felt, I found that it was not either/or.   It could be both and different.   Life can surprise you.  You can surprise you, if you give yourself the chance.   Where have you been convinced things just can never be any other way?  Is that really true?  What would it take to test it out?  What would you gain?  

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