Follow Joy

You follow where You lead.


     There are people who love to stir the pot.  These people can be a source of annoyance or a source of expansion.  You can see them as an opportunity to clarify and broaden your own perspective and enjoy the expansion or you can respectfully move away from them.  You get to decide.  What I have learned but was late to learn, is that what other people think of me is not really about me at all.  It's about them.  We all come to the party with our own set of goggles on.  We can see love; we can see hate.  We can see joy; we can see sorrow.  And often we see it all, off and on, in and out.  But we won't see it at the same time always as others.

     I was asked how I decide to unfollow people from Facebook.    I unfollow them the same way I unfollow them in my life.  If someone is persistently negative, disrespectful in their comments, prejudicial or inflammatory for no other reason than because they want to prove a point or poke a hole, I find I move away from them.  I find I don't want to engage with them.  I find I unfollow them.   My point is: don't mindlessly follow.  Don't continue to read comments that make you unhappy and upset for no reason except they are in your newsfeed.  Be proactive in your life.   Do the things that give you power and inspiration.   And here's my new tagline for 2015 : Follow Joy.  


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