What Doctor's Don't Know

Health coaches can pick up.



     There are many things doctors know that I don't.  For example how to spot certain diseases and knowing exactly what pharmaceuticals will kill what microbe.  But I have skills and a schedule that allow me to know more and do more than they can about patient compliance and other healing modalities.  This is one area that most doctors  A.) Don't have time for and  B.) Don't want to engage in.  So really it's naturally advantageous for health coaches and doctors to partner.   And if the doctor is a naturopath, TCM practioner or functional medicine doctor, I am all over that kind of relationship.  Why?

     Because doctors with this kind of training or even just doctors with an open mind and time, put the patient first.  And I don't mean just saving their life.  I mean helping them with the quality of their life.  My hat is off to ER doctors and nurses who save lives every day.  But what about the person slowly dying due to confusion with their meds and fear?  What about the person who is in pain and has brain fog due to medication but doesn't want to "bother" anyone?  What about the person who hears "lose weight" every time they go to the doctor so they stop going and their conditions get worse?  This is where health coaches can help educate and empower patients AND doctors.  No one wants to be unhealthy and in pain.   I think on this we can all agree.   And unlike other forms of social theory, pain DOES have a way of trickling down and effecting us all.  

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