Too Big To Fail

Big Enough

Big Enough


     I live on a farm that gets inundated with grasshoppers every 4-6 years.  Bear with me.  And as you might imagine, the plants that get hit hardest during these times are the small ones.  The smaller the plant, the greater the chance the grasshoppers will kill it.  In this case size does matter.

     Here is how this relates to success: in order to withstand the tough experiences life throws at us from time to time, we need to make our goal, our dream, too big to fail.  We need to fill it out, give it support structures, feed it time and love, let it grow big enough that even when those (dream) eating machines like grasshoppers come, it may get battered and bruised but it won't get consumed.   You see when a tree gets big enough, the grasshoppers can't kill it.  Even deer can't kill it.  So protect your dreams, protect your goals and allow them the chance to grow so big they can't fail.  So big they become a wonder for all to see.  :)

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