Questions We Don't Ask



    Do you really KNOW yourself?  Because I have found that many people are confused about love and are just as confused about themselves.  And I have found that if you can't find love inside yourself for yourself, you won't recognize it, hear it or even trust it when others offer it to you.  So do you really know yourself?  And what is it you know?

     Do you know what makes you happy?  Do you know what makes you feel truly alive?  Do you know how to calm your nerves and tend your own wounds?  Do you know all the best most selfless acts you perform?  Do you celebrate them?  Do you know your own secret dreams?  Do you know how long it's been since you cried tears of joy?  The relationship you have with yourself informs all your other relationships.  So, what do you know about and what do you give to yourself?

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