Where Are All the Grown-ups?



     Our culture has an identity crisis.  On the one hand, we worship youth; on the other, we hurry kids to grow up fast.  But where are all the grown-ups when we are busy trying to stay hip and young and relevant?  And what does being a grown up even mean?

     To me it means taking responsibility for yourself and your actions.  And it also means taking care of others in need when you can.  But I have noticed that so often we don't want to take responsibility for ourselves; we want others to do that.   We relive old stories and play out old values.  We look to scapegoat, blame and play the victim.  It was her fault, it was my sickness, it was my childhood, it was not me.  And maybe it wasn't you then, but it's you now.  How do we move forward from here?  How do we orient ourselves towards choice and empowerment?  Not by blaming, shaming or denying.  We move forward by taking full responsibility for our choices, for our mistakes, for our triumphs and for our plans.   Changing society always starts with you.  Is it time to grow up?  

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