When Healing is A Dirty Word



     Healing can be a dirty word around some people.  They don't want to hear about your healing, or your new life.  It makes them feel judged.  Some people make unspoken agreements that they will not be happier than their parents or partners.  And it is easier to track if you are more sad than someone than if you are happier.  You can always find a way to take it down a notch.  You can always find a way to look on the dark-side of things.   These misplaced loyalties although formed from a place of devotion, are actually toxic to everyone involved.

     You don't actually make people happier by being more sad.  You may make them more comfortable, but those are two very different things.   Finding comfort in our fear, in our anger, in our retraction does not serve when we strive to change our lives.  When you have the courage to take a good hard look at your desires and finally say yes to them and your own healing, be careful where you look to for support.  Some people may not know what that means.  All they know is your healing is dangerous to them.   Look for the places where healing is celebrated.  Look to the people who encourage your growth.  

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