To Busy To Find



     Being terribly busy is common in our modern world.  Everyone is really busy, myself included!  Being busy with things you love is not necessarily a bad thing.  If you are engaged, connected, and feeling filled up, you are doing yourself and others a service.  But if being busy is keeping you distracted from your life and your true feelings, this is not sustainable and sets you up for a major crisis down the line.  

     At some point, we all have to pay the piper and face ourselves.  It might be during your dark night of the soul. It might be during an illness.  It might be when someone you love dies.  These are things we all will face at some point.  Remembering this helps keep things in perspective.   Don't be so busy with your life, that you forget to really live the important stuff.  And what is that stuff?  You will only know if you are curious, courageous and still enough to ask: what do I really want my life to express?  

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