The Tension of Great Things



     There is always a tension between freedom and safety.  This is true on the macro scale, in our society and on a micro-level in our own lives.  What things do you yearn to do?  And what safety considerations keep you from doing them?  This is always a dance.  What do you do in spite of the risk?  What do you decide against because those risks are too great?  

     When you have a deep desire, it will often make you confront your safety issues.  If it were OK for you to have what you want, you would already have it or be on your way.  So.  Sorting out what you can have and what you want to have and what you feel is too dangerous becomes a journey into yourself.  How often do you get real with yourself?  How often do you face what you want from this life?  Time is always ticking away.  Make sure when your time is over, you did those great things that spoke to the freedom of your soul. 

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