Emotional Amnesia



     Emotional amnesia is a term I use with clients when they "forget" lessons they learned in the past-  things that worked so well, meanings that made such a difference, connections that opened new doorways of thought.  And then poof!  Just when they really need these insights and the sh#t hits the fan, these learnings are no where to be found.  They can't remember. Our brains do this because the freakout, or funk, or anger we used to use in place of the new idea is still more familiar.  

     I also use the term when an event is so scary to our brain that even though we know it is coming, like the stress of family interactions, we blot it out every year.  What me?  Stressed about talking politics with my parents? No, I am good.   The only way to address either case of Emotional Amnesia is to slow things way down.  Honestly connect with how you are feeling.  You can run but you can't hide forever from your true feelings.  Even if you stay in denial, everyone around you will know.  

     Write revelations down somewhere you can return to when you are feeling lost again.   Have check-ins scheduled during the week so you can honestly access how you are coping with your schedule.   It may sound like a lot of work, but it's actually just being responsible for yourself and avoiding the feeling that you never seem to grow.  Where have you experienced Emotional Amnesia?

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