Dead End Why

Moving instead of "solving". 

Moving instead of "solving". 


     I have mentioned in previous posts that I suffered from depression for many years.  And even though I am much better than I was, I still have days where everything just seems WAY off.  It is like I wake up under a dark cloud of sadness.  Luckily these don't last for more than a few hours but they still suck.  One of the biggest things I do to get out of them:   Get active.  Go for a walk, do art, clean the house.  Spinning my wheels is what I want to do, but I know that I can't think my way out of my funk.  And that trying to, often makes me worse.   

     When I find myself asking the question "why?" over and over, I know it is time to get moving.  In this instance the why question is a dead end.  Later it might not be, but when I am in it, no bueno.    This is how I deal with it.  Get to know yourself.  We all know way more about making ourselves better than we think we do.  And you might want to write down what you find works best for you.  Emotional amnesia is way more common than you might like to admit.

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