Willing To Fail

The path to success....



     I really like the work of James Clear http://jamesclear.com.  In a post recently he talks about how to foster creativity.  And one of the surprisingly damaging things we can do according to Carol Dweck, is praise people for their end products instead of focusing on how they got there.

     Being creative, doing something new, can be scary.  There is always the potential for embarrassment.  You are venturing into unknown territory.  But for true breakthroughs to occur, these moments of uncertainty and doubt have to be transversed.  And yet.... and yet most of us do everything in our power to NOT feel wrong or look silly.  Creativity is often held hostage by how we will look if we fail.   So the real triumph is not so much in the success but in the tenacity and bravery it takes to try.    True creativity allows us to have breakthroughs in our relationship with ourselves.   So in a real sense the willingness to succeed is directly linked to the willingness to fail and yet still continue.   How willing are you to fail?

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