What is Your Come From?

Making your own meaning



     I often sit outside my shoffice (shed converted to office) and take in the view.  I have noticed a bee that comes to visit me.  There are no flowering plants around so I used to think it odd.  I used to think it must be lost or confused.  Then today when it came by again buzzing around my head I thought "Hello little bee.  Thanks for coming by to thank me for all the flowers I planted for you."  It swirled around my head a few times and then off it went to wherever it goes.  

     The difference was my come from.  I could have been alarmed, annoyed, or angered.  But instead I took it to mean: thank you.  I have designed my farm for bees in mind.  And I decided to make my own meaning.  I left the encounter uplifted.  And the bee?  It was always just perfectly what is was.  But I had changed.


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