Tribute Year

Making way for the new. 



     Sometimes I talk about faith here.  And when I use it, I am usually encouraging you to lean on something greater than you that gives you strength and comfort in times of need.  This can come from many sources and for many people it comes from religion.  Recently I had to lean heavily on my own faith.

     Out where I live we have cycles of terrible grasshopper infestations.  2015 was a bad year, a tribute year as I call them.  I was not here for the worst of it but returning and finding so many trees and plants looking dead was incredibly disheartening.  I will only know for sure what survived next spring.  And as I walk around my gardens, I find myself relying on my faith.  My faith that what is meant to live and return will.  And what is meant to pass will make way for new life.  I have faith in the rejuvenating powers of nature and the ability of our farm to bounce back stronger than before.   So I concentrate on the things within the scope of my control and leave the other things to faith.  

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