The Meaning You Make

What once was so useful... 



     Everyone has experienced events in their lives which were painful.  And yet what if I posited the notion that it's not so much what happened to you that has impacted you the most, but the meaning you made from it?  Events are actually neutral.  Two people can have very similar experiences and yet arrive at very different interpretations of that event.  The meanings we make from things create our beliefs:  People are good.  Life is sacred.  Life is random chaos.  Self-interest drives connections.   Death is the end.  

     Our beliefs are shaped by what we make early experiences mean and the stories we are told.  And then these beliefs shape what we experience and how we make that fit into our beliefs.  And around and around it goes.  But what if we were to stop for a moment and really take a good look at those early beliefs?  What might we find?  Often we find a well-meaning network of programs running to protect us and keep us safe.  But what was considered unsafe way back when, might have changed.  You have changed so why not your beliefs?    It takes great curiosity and courage to go looking here.  But have you ever gotten the uncomfortable  feeling that you are both the guard and the prisoner in times of doubt or struggle?  And do you want to know more?  What are the meanings you make?

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