Slippery Soap

Sometimes it's just over. 



     Are you the type of person who tries to use the soap in the shower until it's just a slippery sliver of nothing?  Do you often drop it and then drop it again before you ever have the chance to use it?  If you are, then read on.  

     Today I made a bold decision.  I would toss my little soap before it became useless and frustrating.  How did I come to this realization?  I just decided.  I looked at it and said, "No, little frustrating soap, you are not for me any more.  You have finished your job and now a new soap is needed."

     Of course there are deeper issues at play here.  (ha ha I hope so!) This is not really about soap.  But how often do we obstinately try and make something work that is done, over, and just frustrating?  And how often do we fall for the message that we can go just a little bit longer?  Is it worth the frustration? If using that slippery tiny soap makes you happy, well power on!  But if it doesn't, then why keep doing it?  We all deserve fresh, new bars of soap.


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