For the Win

What do you plant for the win? 



     In coaching clients, I am always looking for the win/win.  The habit that will fulfill more than one desire.  These are the ones that gain more traction because they feel good, to the clients and those around them.  An example of this is self-care.  Once they really get that by filling their own cup first they will be better equipped to care for others, major shifts occur.  

     I have a client whose core desire is to be of service.  However, this being of service does not often find its way to her.  So she gets tired and burned out physically and emotionally.  The win/win really needs to sink in.  How can we all benefit from her getting what she wants?  Happiness breeds more happiness.  Love breeds more love to share.  When you see happy and loving people, aren't you more inspired yourself?  So self-care is not selfish.  You fill us all up when you show up for yourself in a powerful, true way.  I always think of the win/win when I look around my farm.  I have planted probably 100 trees.  They fill me up just  by looking at them.  And I know myriad little creatures are also nurtured by them which fills me up even more.  Where in your life can you go for the win/win?

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