What you Can't See



     Sometimes as I drive through the valley I will look to the east and think, "yuck, look at that layer of smog over there."  And I am glad I don't live there.  But a few days ago I went to visit my mother who lives in the foothills above the valley.  As I looked out her back windows I could see the WHOLE valley was covered in a thin layer of smog.  I just couldn't tell from my perspective.  

     Often we are like fish swimming in water so long, we have no concept of the water at all.  We are in it.  I was in the smog I wanted to avoid but I couldn't see that.  Thoughts can be like this, and mindsets definitely can be like this.  We are often so entrenched in our world view that we can't even distance ourselves enough to see it.  Like fish swimming in water.  But coaches can help.  They ask questions like "What is important about that goal?  What will having that do for you?  What stops you?"  which can blow open a whole new realm of inquiry.  Your goals could be better health or finding romance.  It's wide open.  Oh and the smog?  It got blown away by the cool clear winds from the north.  

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