Out of the muck.....



     As well as being a health coach, I am also a permaculture designer.  I live on a farm that is designed using these principles.  Permaculture is a way of putting together buildings, people, plants and animals for mutual benefit and high yield of goods with the lowest input.    It's great fun and respects the inherent needs of living things.   One of the biggest tenets of permaculture is that natural waste (of plants or animals) is a valuable resource.  And these are cycled back into the system.  Nature is the master recycler.  Nothing is ever wasted.  Every natural thing is broken down and used again.  

     How can we incorporate this eternal natural law into our own search for health and wellness?  When something goes awry like a new workout routine or diet plan and we think of it as a waste, this is the moment to reflect.  Was it really a waste?  Did we learn something from the experience?  Did we grow?  Did we stretch?  Did we see things afterwards which were not clear before?  Then whatever it was was no more a waste than the life of a small creature is a waste when it dies.  Nothing is a waste in the vast scope of life.  And the sooner we really see this, the easier and more fun life's apparent ups and downs will be.

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