What Will I Do?

Will I or Won't I?



     When I first started my blog I wrote about the "Little Hill" which is part of the beginning of my walk in the morning.  And how I approach that hill lets me know how I am feeling on a particular day.  However, and this is important, I don't let my feelings keep me from jogging up that little hill every time I walk.  And yet there is another side to this story. 

     There is a "Big Hill" at the end of my exercise routine as well.  I approach this hill differently because  I have already accomplished what I set out to do.  I give myself lots of room when I decide (in seconds) whether I will jog up this steep hill or walk up it quickly.   There is no way around it; I have to go up to get back home.  But I have found when I force myself to jog it,  I don't look forward to my walks as much.   And when I stop jogging it altogether, I miss it!  So now I am always curious about the end of my walk.  Will I jog it?  Will I walk it?  I don't know until I get right there on the edge.  And that is what being open, responsive and respectful is all about.   That is how you get your body to trust you again especially if you have ever engaged in punishing workouts.  ( note: trust is the key to losing extra weight)  Slow and steady, small and sneaky.  

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