Getting to Know You



     The perfect diet.  It must be out there somewhere right?  Well, yeah maybe it is.  But it won't be the same for all of us.  So how do you sort through all the multitudes of conflicting ideas and information concerning food choice?  You break it down.  My approach is 2-fold:

1. First, you find out what your ancestors ate, people related to you maybe 150 years ago.  You can go back farther if you want.  These foods have a good chance of being safe for your physiology.  

2. Second, you try an elimination diet.  You cut out the 8 most inflammatory foods for 3 weeks and then record how you feel when you add them back in.  The 8 most inflammatory foods are: wheat, corn, dairy, eggs, soy, sugar, rancid oils and peanuts.  There are more but this is a good place to start.  

     If you do this, you will be way ahead and know on a very intimate level what YOUR body likes and dislikes.  It is not about fads, or even weight loss.  It is about getting in touch with how foods actually effect you.   And honing in on the foods that support and nourish you will set you on a direct course for better health.  So don't wait.  Get to know you.

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