What if....

The glory of a good sunset...

No filter.  photo by Renee Holland Chang

No filter.  photo by Renee Holland Chang


     I just did the sweetest writing exercise and wanted to share.  I write three morning pages (after reading Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way many years ago).  It clears out the cobwebs of sleep and sets my day with a clean slate.  So this morning I was writing with the prompt, "What if...."  (Note: this "what if" prompt is geared towards good things happening just to clarify for those of you who lean more to the apocalyptic).  ;)

     It was so much fun!  I really let my imagination run wild and all the many things that I had not known were small secret wishes came out.  I found it liberating and opening.  I didn't feel compelled to filter for realistic dreams, or even dramatic ones.  I suggest everyone do this from time to time just to stay in touch with our young, wild and open spirits.  :)

Here are some of mine:

What if the temps this summer never got above 95?

What if I used my art for my poetry book?

What if we had a family of scrub jays move in?

What if I taught English and coached in Taiwan this summer?

What if I like public speaking?

What if you could see the stars during the day?

It takes so little to reconnect and get in touch with our own light feelings.  There is freedom there.  Find it.   

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