The Power in Choice



     I just read about the Japanese word kaizen which means small incremental change over time that creates larger change.  This is exactly the core of my health coaching.  This is precisely what got me on the road to health and happiness and out of numbed out auto-pilot.   Some people get a rush from doing everything all at once.  Truth be told, sometimes I dream about throwing everything in my kitchen away and starting from scartch.  But if I were able to blink and have it all gone, I would miss out on some important life lessons.  

     First, I would inevitably toss something I wanted to keep.  Second, I would not have learned the necessary lesson of choosing.  And life is all about choosing.  Slowly or quickly, we make choices everyday.   Even not choosing is a choice with its own set of consequences.  But sustainable, long-lasting change is all about choosing and then implementing that change over time and in the context of your real life.  Slow and steady, small and sneaky really will win that race.  But actually the finish line is moving, and the journey is the whole point.   So even when you want it NOW, better to lay your plan out step by step, let your body feel at ease and make your changes piece by piece, step by little step.  :)  Then you can have the healthier body, the booming business and the clutter-free kitchen and you will know how you did it.  And you can do it again and again.  

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