The Keeper


     We are the guardians at the gate.  The gate to what we let into our minds and into our lives.  And with the multiplication of social media, streaming movies and tv, it's never been more important to mental health to be a good gate keeper.  A decade ago, I had to be careful where my eyes roamed at the grocery check out line.  The images from tabloids and the covers of magazines would often mentally follow me home.  But now that I am on Facebook for business, the amount of visual and textual information is staggering.  

     I have found sometimes in order to keep my sanity and positive outlook I have to unfollow people.  And really?  It is not personal.  What they enjoy sharing and what keeps me centered and uplifted are not the same thing.  And maybe they feel the same about me and my coaching talk!  But if we abdicate the role of being the gate keeper to our minds, our minds become cluttered and confused with the ideas, proclivities, rantings and hatreds of others.  Then we are left with the onerous task of untangling what our thoughts are and what are really thoughts planted by others.  It is much easier and more efficient to protect the gate from the start.  What kind of gate keeper are you being?