Photo by Renee Holland Chang

Photo by Renee Holland Chang


     What keeps us doing the same thing day after day, year after year?  And then make a change?  We start going a different way to work.  We start eating oranges.  We decide to try mushrooms and find we like them.  We stop exercising even though we've done it for 10 years.   We change our hairstyle, our grooming routine, even our preferences?  Is this all just based on a whim?  savvy advertising? age?

     Unwrapping the why is complex.  But the part that fascinates me is how we can harness our ability to adapt and change to our focused will. If I want to run a marathon, master baking, learn calculus or speak in public how do I go about getting myself there?  We need to find the reason underneath the why - our big GO.  It's different for everyone.  And sometimes we need a coach to help us find it.  But once it's been identified, it will make changing fun and once that happens, the sky is the limit.  

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