What You Can't Know



     You can't know what one thing will ultimately lead to.  One action, one person, one decision, one mistake.  If you try to master every single outcome, you will most likely start procrastinating or become controlling and weird with those around you - with the flow of life.   Your dreams will avoid you like butterflies you chase and with your hot and heavy air, push away.  

     The trick is to have a strong  enough purpose that gives you the resilience to sustain inevitable "failures" but does not become an obsession.    The name of the game is to be adaptive and nimble.  When things don't turn out, you learn and keep going.  You hold your goals with a steely determination at the core but also a light touch.  Succeeding has to do with the ability to keep going, learning and doing.   It's more about intelligent perseverance and less about control.   It's also about learning why we do the things we do and how to get out of our own way.

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