Little Hill

As I jog up the little hill I jog every morning, I am struck by how I approach this little hill, is how I approach life that day.  Somedays I am up the hill before I know it.  Was it due to distraction?  Was it due to excitement and energy?  Somedays that little hill is like a large tall mountain and I feel like I am jogging in place getting no where.   But then I reach the top.  And I feel better or I don't feel any better at all but trudge along just the same.  The hill remains the same although my experience of it changes day in and day out.  And that is just as it should be.  I don't strive to make myself any other way than I am that day.  But I don't give up either.  We are both what we are, the hill and I. And knowing this, I just keep going.   Because movement feels good and exercise allows me to do the things in life that bring me joy.