I Woke Up

and so can you.....



     I reflect a lot on how I came to this new exciting chapter in my life at 42.  Last week, I was laughing with a dear friend that I must have been waiting in the soil of my life for 40 years, like a bursting seed, for just the right conditions to be present.  And finally in 2012 they were.   And here I am!  I am healthier than ever and a transformational health coach. I had my first art show last year and I am going to self-publish a short book of poetry in 2015.  Importantly, I don't let my introversion stop me from any of it!   I must admit sometimes I am a little in awe of it all, but I just keep putting one foot in front of the other with the deep knowledge that I have so much to offer people, especially people who struggle with living from their hearts.

       But how do you get to the place of heart-centered living?  First, you have to identify what your dreams are.   Then you have to believe that they are achievable and worthy.  And finally, you have to start towards those goals.  No matter how far away they appear, you start.   You build slowly with small victories and take every set back as learning, always learning.  Remember my motto? Slow and steady, small and sneaky?    There is no failure.  There is only learning or as my coach says "feedback."   With kindness towards yourself and others, anything is possible.  And before you know it, you could be looking at your own life and thinking "Wow, this is so awesome!  I did it!"  Coaches provide clarity and follow through- the engine that gets the whole dream machine working.  But everyone, everyone can wake up.