Are We Good Enough for Love?



       Worthiness feeds and flows into gratitude, as gratitude feeds and flows into worthiness.  I learned this age-old lesson recently and again from Lillian Eve Moore and it really struck a cord with me.  How simple yet how deeply nourishing and supportive.  For those of us who have struggled with self-worth and depression, understanding this at a deep soul level is really the key to unlocking your happiness.   You are a dynamic part of a living Universe, a God much larger than you can imagine.  (Or if your mind does not work this way, you are part of a hugely complex organism called Life).   You are not alone.  You are not judged lacking.  

      We tend to think of ourselves as separate and distinct.  And we are.  And we are not.  Center and circumference remember?  Finding your sweet spot where both worthiness AND gratitude well up is an experience of such joy and energy that it must be shared.   So here I am sharing.   You are loved.  You are lovable.  You don't have to earn love, you only have to recognize it.  :)