The Way Out



     Exercise is pivotal for a healthy life and a healthy life needs a healthy mind.  Much research has been done showing the connection between exercise and depression.  If you suffer from any form of depression whether clinical depression determined by your doctor or sub-clinical depression that comes and goes or even SAD (seasonal affective disorder) you should give consistent exercise a chance.   If you are depressed you might feel like you are in a catch-22: you are too tired and depressed to exercise and so you don't exercise which makes you more tired and sad.   You are going to have to have faith on this one.  Just do it.

     My own experience with exercise and depression has been pronounced and positive but your mileage may vary (consult with your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine if you feel unsure).   I think the real key here, and I have said it before, is to make the exercise something fun, something sustainable and something that stimulates you.  Slow and steady, small and sneaky should be upper most in your mind.   There are SO many different types of exercise to choose from: walking, bicycling, rebounding, tai chi, yoga, gardening, dance, strength training, running, rowing, swimming, rock climbing, and hiking to give some ideas.  But really?  You don't need ideas.  You know what you like to do.  You just need to do it.  Why don't you do it?  What is keeping you stuck?  A coach can help you tease out what you are getting by staying stuck.  And help you find your own way out to better health.  Don't give up! There is a way out.  

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