Question of Faith



     Many things come down to a question of faith.  If you didn't have faith in humanity, you would not drive your car.  If you didn't have faith in other people, you would never get on a plane.  If you didn't have faith in yourself and others, you would never try anything new.  You would never buy anything.  If you failed to foster faith, you would never have children.  Faith is believing in something good when you don't know for certain it will happen.  Faith gets a lot of flack from some scientists and atheists but we all engage in it everyday.   

     Faith in a higher power is often the fuel that keeps people faced with difficult situations moving forward.  Faith in God, or the Universe or Jesus can be a well-spring of love and hope.   Sure it can be twisted into something evil too, but that doesn't mean faith has no place.  It simply means we need to be clear where we are putting our faith.  Does the God, the person, the institution you place your faith in align with your values? your goals and your love?  When you think of your faith does it give courage or linger in fear?  You can't make healthy changes in your life if you have lost your faith, in yourself, your world and your connection to Spirit.  Find your faith and you can find a power source that nothing can stop.  How will you harness it?

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