The Heart Can Heal You



     I had a client who was concerned about her heart.  Her family had a history of heart attacks and elevated cholesterol.  I suggested she have a more detailed lipid profile done at her doctors to check out the ratio of different types of LDLs.   But as we spoke I could tell that her heart needed more than just tests.  It needed attention.

     It is not disputed than you can die of a broken heart.  And so it should come as no surprise that you can also damage your heart when you withhold love from yourself.   We can all give ourselves the love we seek from other people.  And while it is wonderful to give love to others and show care and concern, if we skip over the part where we give ourselves love and care, we will only be able to give half way to others.  Through coaching we found that this client had deeply lost touch with her own heart's yearnings.  She felt cut off from her family and friends because she was cut off from her own self.  And it was only when she started listening to her inner needs and desires that her heart truly started to heal.    There is so much power and healing in the spirit and the mind.  We would do well to always combine this level of healing with any efforts at physical transformation.   What does your heart yearn to feel and want to share today?

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