Pain as Co-Pilot



     Pain can stalk you.  It waits in the shadows and strikes often without warning.  It seems to kill your joy, your hope and all your plans.  It wears you down and wears you out.  It can turn all your ideas into a nauseating mush.  Chronic pain can so dull your ability to see beauty that the whole world can appear dead and foreign, made only for the lucky others.

     And yet, there is a way out.  And it is right through.  Everyone, every single person experiences pain.  For some it's physical, for some it's mental, for some it's based upon real experiences,  and for some it's based upon imagined ones.  But it doesn't really matter which kind of pain you experience because if the brain thinks you are in pain, you are.  End stop.  

     But what you do with your thoughts between the painful bursts is where you can take back your power.  While in the throes of a painful wave, your only recourse is surrender.  But when the pain recedes, that is when you need a plan.  What do you want to do with your oh so precious moments when the pain is not dictating the day?  What will your focus be while the pain is momentarily at bay?   Be precise, be crafty, be courageous and fight for yourself.   And if the pain never seems to leave? Then you must forge a path with pain as your co-pilot.  You must form an alliance and become a friend to your pain.  The only way is through, armed with clarity, unwavering kindness and steely determination.  Nothing is already over, it's never too late for you.

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