Photo by Yolanda Crous

Photo by Yolanda Crous


     So much of what we think we want is trapped under unexamined beliefs - like seals trapped under ice.  And until we cut a hole in those icy beliefs, those seals, those dreams, will not survive.  Sure, they can hold their breath for a long time, but even seals eventually drown.  

     Why is it that we have these frozen beliefs?  The belief that we are too "broken" to start something new.  The belief that it is too late for us.  The belief that others can have lasting happiness but not us? The big secret belief that people won't like us if we change.   Who are these frozen beliefs serving?  

     There was a time when the solidity of those icy beliefs saved us from some perceived threat.  And since they worked then, we kept them and labeled them as "good" or "right."  This often occurred when we were very small so they simply became an unnoticed part of our operating system.  But we would do well to periodically go back and review our beliefs, to check and see if what we are believing is actually holding the truth we so unconsciously assume.   

     Coaches can help you uncover the areas of your life that are frozen and cold from past limiting beliefs.  Coaches can help you cut a hole in the ice and if you are brave and curious, thaw entire sections.  Then all your seal/dreams can swim free.  What could you do in your life with all that freedom and sweet oxygen? Let's find out.

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