I have a friend (you know who you are!) who sees blessings everywhere and so they seem to follow her.  And indeed wherever she goes she actually blesses those places.  But it has not always been this way.   No, she has been through many dark nights of the soul.  She has been to the underworld and come back reborn into love and light.  This is not the easy way to find your place in the world.  But for some, this is the only way.  She found her light by first traveling through the darkness.  She now sees that no matter how dark things might appear, there is always light within them.  She now sees with clarity and love, all the blessings that others pass by.  For when you see the many blessings for what they are; they multiply, and when you see them for how many they are, you are never alone.  

     There is always a way to look at even the hardest thing with love in your heart.  But this takes a faith and openness that at first may seem ridiculous, then merely childish and finally with humble understanding simply profound.   Can you hear what these words mean?  Will they open your eyes at last?  

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