Bad Days


art by Una Ella Chang

art by Una Ella Chang


     You will have bad days.  You will have days when every good thing you thought you knew comes into question.  Where the white car cuts in front of you, the cat barfs in your shoes and the whole world feels out of whack.   Things that brought you joy just last week are stale.  People whom you love annoy the crap out of you.  And you feel utterly abandoned and maligned.  What the hell happened?  

     Times like these call for a major back up, a major slow down and a lot of kindness (and maybe some apologies).  Often when we fly off the handle at people we love, or dream of ramming others with our car (:/), we have disconnected from ourselves.  We have shoved down feelings and tuned out from internal messages.  And so these strong feelings come out in strange and unproductive ways.   But the call back is: what do I need right now?  What can I do for myself that feels right?  Why am I so scared and freaked out?  Anger is almost always rooted in fear.  And fear is almost always anchored in an imagined future.  So... be gentle, be curious and be open.  Where did you lose touch with yourself and how can you make ammends?  It really is that simple.  Easy? well... but always simple.  

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