Sail Away



     My coaches have encouraged me to "manufacture optimism".   And when faced with the unknown to continue on as though something good could happen rather than something bad.   This means preparing and taking the necessary action steps in spite of the fact that I don't know the outcome.   

     It is SO easy to talk ourselves out of new ideas, new projects, new life goals.  "Oh that would never work!" we say as though we know.  "What?!  I can't change now!"  we tell ourselves.    "That might be ok for other people but not for me.  What will happen if I fail?"  These thoughts and many more like them easily obliterate plans for a new start, a fresh beginning.  

     But the antidote is:  Manufacture your own optimism.  Sure, maybe you could fail, but you could also succeed!  You could be one of those people who makes it, who doesn't settle and ends up with a life they love!  Why not be the one who sails away on the balloon of their dreams?  If you don't really know the future (and who does?) why not assume that good will flow and then adjust accordingly only after the facts roll in?  This way you never kill your dreams before they ever see the light of day.   This way you start trusting yourself again.  Remember when you did that?  

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