A prison of our own....


     Stored power.  What does that look like?  What does that feel like in the body?  Recently I re-visited the idea that excess weight around the mid-section can often be displaced or stored power.  Why?  What does this mean?  Is it always bad?

     The mid-section of the body is believed by some healers to house our will, our drive for survival and our beliefs in ourselves.  When we do not live a life of purpose that is in alignment with our deeper longings,  we often accumulate weight in this area.  *  So instead of manifesting in the world, our energies can sit and wait patiently in our mid-section.

     When low level stress is a permanent visitor in our bodies, we also get stuck in flight or fight.  This in turn encourages spikes in cortisol to deal with the impending threats.  And cortisol not only encourages blood sugar surges but also the accumulation of weight in the mid-section.  It is as if we are trying to protect ourselves, protect our vulnerable gut from pain by padding it and also by protecting our unexpressed desires. Weight in the mind and spirit can easily show up as extra weight in the mid-section.   What are you denying?  What needs to be healed in your gut so that you can express and release your power?  

* Not all weight is a sign of something gone wrong.  This post is simply an exploration.  Fat does not always equal repression.  But it can.  So be curious with yourself.  On the flip side and for another post,  being overly concerned with thiness can indicate not wanting to take up any space in the world.  

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