No More, No Less than Everything


     Have you ever heard that you are the center of the Universe…. and so is everyone else?  Sounds contradictory.  If we are the center and so is everyone else, then we are also the circumference.   Many esoteric religions posit this idea and for pragmatic people it sounds like a lot of gibberish.   But if you stick with this idea of being both this and that, a whole lot of space opens up.  And freedom and power.  Because ultimately we can only change ourselves.  So we are the center of our universe.  If we want to see change in the larger world, we always must first see and experience that change within. Resilience and grace come from this place of openness and knowing and these are integral to real health and real change.

     Realizing your own importance can wake you up to your life.  What is it that you truly yearn to do, to see,  to experience, to embody?  Are you doing those things?  If not, why not?  There is not going to be a better time to ask yourself these questions.  Now is the time.  It may take planning, it may take determination, but the journey of life becomes a wonderful ride when you know you are headed in a direction you yourself are helping to shape.  The journey of life can be fun again when you decide right here from this moment on: I will not continue to numbly follow along.  I will plan, I will forge, I will dare to live the dreams I only secretly hold.  It is living your life out loud instead of in hushed tones.  For many years I lived my life in hushed tones.  I wanted to be invisible and then wondered why I was so unseen.  I took a back seat to my own life.  And then I woke up.  And so can you.  It’s never too late.  Do it right now.  Write down a dream.  And keep visiting it over and over.  And then write another.  And then start to plan your escape.  Escape from a life of unknowing into a life of heart-led learning.  You can do it.    

Renee Holland Chang

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