Sticking Your Head in The Sand?



     As our healthcare system becomes more complex and convoluted, I have noticed a disturbing trend.  People who are not yet sick but still feeling concerned about health issues are not telling their doctors.  They aren't even going to see their doctors.   Many people don't trust doctors anymore (for many reasons) and try very hard not to interact with western medicine at all.  And while I understand this trend, it comes with a high cost.  Preventative medicine at its core is about keying into our bodies and catching things before they get bad.   Western medical tests can be a powerful diagnostic tool when used precisely and with attention to what the body is trying to tell us before disease manifests.   

     This is an area where alternative health practioners can effectively serve people.  Many standard and inexpensive tests can tell us a lot about what is going on in the body.  Once these results are understood in the wider scope of optimal ranges instead of pathological ones, people can become more empowered to seek medical help if neccesary and devise a comprehensive healing protocol with their healthcare team.  Alternative and standard western medicine can work together effectively.  People need to feel enouraged to take a pro-active role in their health.   Do you have any health issues that you have been ignoring?  Do you delay action due to feeling unsupported?  Find an alternative health practioner in your area if you can't find an open-minded doctor.  And for real action, find a health coach to be your advocate and keep you on course.  Whatever you do, don't give up on yourself!