Lark and Owl

Light is the key....



     In the quiet of the morning many things come into focus for me that were blurry and troubling the night before.  I am truly a morning person, a lark.  As soon as the sun starts to wane, I wane right along with it.  When do you find yourself with the most energy?

     If you are a night owl, and I know many people are,  there are important things you can do to mitigate some of the drawbacks to being more active and awake at night.   First thing to address is how much bright light are you getting during the day?  This is especially important at noon.  When indoor light and outdoor light is compared for brightness, there is NO comparison, even outside light on a cloudy day is many times brighter than indoor light.  So, get outside and get some of that light on your face.  This simple act activates a cascade of hormonal responses that are necessary and good.

     Second, reduce the amount of blue light after 6pm.  So this would include all monitors, tv screens and even many fluorescent lights.   Blue light effects the pineal gland dramatically and influences the production of melatonin and cortisol.  Books are your friend at night.

     Third, if you find you wake up in the middle of the night, to pee or just start thinking, you may have some blood sugar imbalances going on.  One way to address this is to reduce the amount of sugar eaten during the day and eat a mini meal of protein before bed.  

     Fourth, I installed an orange light (from HomeDepot) in my bed-side table lamp and I read with this for half hour before bed.  It really helps trigger the sleepy response due to the reddish spectrum of light.  And I also take some magnesium glycinate, valerian (stems and flowers) and a little skullcap.  These all help send me off to a very deep long sleep, which for me is no easy task.  I may be a lark, but that is not because sleep has ever come easy to me.  Sleep is so important in detoxifying many systems of the body including the brain and liver.  In our modern world you want to be helping this process as much as possible.  So... get more and better sleep and if possible get to bed around 10pm.