Rest and Release

Autumn, master of release


     These last few weeks have been kind of a blur for me.  I am learning so much for my health coaching business and while I love the coaching aspect, the business learning curve is pretty steep.  After accomplishing two things that were FAR outside my comfort zone this week, I decided to give myself a few days of rest and release.

     Sometimes it can really seem like the whole world depends on you.  You and you alone must fix this, handle that,  create new this, revise that, negotiate here and smooth things over there.   It can become crushing and relentless.  But if we take a deep breath and give ourselves a little breathing room, we can often see how much of our indispensability is bound up in our need to feel needed.  If they didn't need us so much, then who would we be?  If the world could easily go on without us, then how important are we?  And who are we to ourselves?

     Taking a step back allows us to release all these responsibilities and burdens.  Taking a needed and scheduled rest can be the best most rejuvenating thing we can do for ourselves, our family and our business.  Humans in this wild, technopoly have forgotten this.    And yet rest and release can be easy, free and healthy.  All we have to do is tune into our own needs and respond with kindness.