Not Just Me, You.



     I suffered from depression and mood swings for a most of my life. It's only now from this healthier vantage point that I can look back and see how sad and sick I was.  But at the time I could not.  There are countless reasons for depression and mood swings to settle in, from life trauma, to hormone dis-regulation to blood sugar issues, to genetics.  But one correlation I found in my life was the role of food, and specifically the role of gluten.  

     I love bread.  All kinds.  Sourdough toast with lots of butter and a salted, sliced tomato is one of my all time favorite meals.  But I don't eat it anymore.  I found that when I removed most gluten from my diet in 2012, not only did my joints feel better, and I lost weight easily but my mood lifted over many months.  At first I didn't notice it.  And then I realized I hadn't had a crying jag in awhile.  And then I noticed I didn't feel like running away from my life.  And then I noticed on my walks I wanted to hug the world!  So obviously the endorphins were finally flowing in the right direction.  

     But because I had lived with depression for so long, I didn't really think I had a health issue per se for so long.  I just didn't believe there was another way for me to experience the world.  This is one of the big reasons I became a health coach-  to spread the word to people that you don't have to stay stuck in survival mode or just be ok.  Life can be good, and actually it's meant to be great.  Not just for me, but for YOU.