Don't Talk Weight

Dark Clouds

Dark Clouds


     Here is my secret:  I never wanted anything to do with helping people lose weight.  I wanted to avoid this area completely in my health coaching.  But when crystalizing the vision for my coaching business and thinking about what personal insights I have to offer and what people really struggle with, weight kept coming up again and again.  

     My relationship with weight has been a long and complicated journey.  At different points in my life I have been "too" thin and at other times "too" fat.  And for many years I hated food.  Some of this had to do with my upbringing and some of it had to do with my own experiences as an adult.   

     In my 30s, I decided to stop hating my body and stop tearing myself down with comparisons.   I started exercising for my health, not weight loss.  In my 40s, I finally discovered what my body really likes to eat by trial and error.  I got to know my individual digestion for the first time.   Sounds so basic right? But it feels really good to finally know myself on this level.  I don't guess anymore.  And I don't have to wonder..."is this ok to eat?  should I eat more of this or less?"  

     So weight became the gateway to truly knowing and appreciating myself, where as before it kept me stuck and feeling terrible about myself.  Sometimes your biggest weakness can become your greatest strength.   Whatever your weight (and I want you to be the healthiest you can be, whatever your weight) don't let that stop you from becoming intimate with your own body.  Do this, really become curious as to what nourishes you, and you will be so much closer to unlocking the key to better health.  Do this, and you will be so much closer to real, lasting happiness.