Stomping on Your Heart




     People say they want change.  They want to feel better.  But then they don't change.  Why?  I did this for years. I would get all excited and geared up for the next new idea I had about my health and fitness.  I may have even started working out really hard.  And I may have even sustained it for a year or two.  But then I stopped.  Why? 

    I have come to see that there are habits you create and then there are mechanisms that you exist within.   The habits you create are fluid; they come and go.  The mechanisms you live within are the systems in your body that ultimately determine what you do.  These are seen in the strong impulses that wear you down over time if you don't address your deeper mechanisms.  These are the needs that make you eat the things you promised yourself  you would not.  But these are also the stabilizers that are tied to your survival.  

     Messing with these mechanisms haphazardly can lead to disordered eating and really low self-esteem.  So we have to tread lightly and with great respect for the big habits of the body.  They are there for a very good reason.  And how do we show care?  By being slow and steady and small and sneaky.

     The big mechanisms are all about survival.  You can't just go stomping through your inner safeguards.  Your internal security system is gonna go crazy!  You need to show respect and deference.  You need to listen and understand.  It all boils down to being mindful and paying attention to your body with curiosity and love.  Simple right?  Well.... I know all about the tricks we play on ourselves and the terrible self-talk.  But I also know that if you show enough compassion and yet also steely determination to not give up,  to pursue those health goals no matter how small your steps, you can change how you feel in your body.   You can ease the grip of those mechanisms.  And your best health can be yours.  So don't give up.  :)