I Hate Myself, I Love Myself

Beauty and Chaos...

Beauty and Chaos...


     Acceptance and improvement.  On the surface these two words seem to be opposed to one another.  If you accept something, then you don't try to alter it.  If you want improvement, then you are determining it's not quite right the way it is.  But let's dig a little deeper into these concepts and put them into the context of real life and real health.

     Non-acceptance often takes the form of aggression and tension towards how we view our bodies.  Not only do we not accept how we look but we often actively hold angry thoughts about ourselves.  We should be thinner, more toned, shorter or taller etc.   These thoughts can leave us feeling not only depressed but unmotivated.  The more you tear yourself down, the less you believe you can pull yourself up.  

     However, there is a subtle difference between acceptance and giving up.  It's in your mindset, where you're coming from.  If I am unhappy with how I look but accept I can't change, I would have very little power.  If on the other hand, I accept my current body but still try and improve my health profile, then the power to change is back in my hands.   You can have health goals that are not centered on weight (which can trigger people) but centered more on how you FEEL in your body.  This slight shift can make a huge difference in attitude and positive feedback.  With this mindset change, you monitor your activities and check in with your body.  Does this food make me feel good or bad?  Does this activity help my flexibility and strength or make me weaker?  

     So as counter-intuitive as it may seem, you actually can hold acceptance for yourself on the one hand and desire for improvement on the other.  It simply takes attention, clarity and focus.   But once this is a habit, your best health is inevitable.  :)