Genuine Mess


     Do you ever feel the health advice on-line is not really meant for you?  Whatever works for them, won't work for you?  I felt this way.  For years, I read tons of blogs on health.  I got the newsletters; I read the books (you should see my bookshelf!!).  But I still felt a wide disconnect.  Honestly, life is messy and lasting change is tricky.  Real life often doesn't look like the photos in those glossy magazines and posts.   For me there was always the daily tension between what I wanted to do, what I did do and what I regretted doing.  But in 2012, I decided I was going to find a new way. 

     As you may have read in my post on exercise, I believe in steady and slow.  It may not be sexy or flashy, but it works and it's sustainable.  I firmly believe you sometimes have to sneak up on health.   You do this so you don't set off any alarms in the mechanisms that keep you stuck and safe.  The lighter your touch, the less likely you are to trigger resistance.  This goes for food choices and exercise.  It goes for what you think and what you do daily for emotional health.  Small and slow.  Steady and sneaky.   

     My health coaching is about being genuine, being real.  What do you currently do day in and day out?  What will you realistically do day in and day out to change?  What small steps can you commit to that will stick? These are the tickets to the kingdom of health and self-acceptance.  You can have both you see.  It's not either/or.  I used to think it had to be hard and I had to reject myself to get healthy.  This kept me stuck for 10 years.  

     And then I got real with myself.  I got comfortable with the messiness of life and learned how to prosper and change despite my mess.   I employed slow and steady, small and sneaky steps to health and I have never looked back.  You can't un-know truth.   And once better health is living in your body, you won't want to.