6-Week Program: Find Your Light


Do you yearn for a nourishing relationship with your body and the food you eat?  Do you often think, there has to be a better way?  

Are you tired of the constant battle between what you want and what you currently have?

Have you forgotten how to have fun?

Have you given up on your dreams?

The 28-Day Find Your Light can revolutionize your whole relationship to your body and your life.  Through this 4 week coaching experience you will uncover what truly motivates you, what lights you up.  The 28-Day Find Your Light includes:

  • 4 Powerful and private one on one laser coaching sessions which will galvanize you to action.
  • A highly supportive level of accountability so what you want and what you do align.
  • Inspiration and motivation through 4 email mid-week check ins to keep you thinking big and session notes.
  • A tailor-made program incorporating your unique history, body and goals. 


Is it finally your turn to commit to your own dreams?  Are you finally fed up with struggle and discontent?  Do you yearn to be effortlessly in the flow with your own healthy body?  This 28-Day Find Your Light can do all this and more.  The only limitation to your growth is you not taking action.  What is the next fabulous chapter of your life worth to you?  Big.  If what I am offering is resonating with a deep part of you, don't push it down.  Trust in yourself and your ability to change.   This time next year do you want to be in the same place?  Or do you want to be at a whole new level of health and joy?  Take action now.  Don't wait.  If you are saying yes! then go for it.  There is no better time to start anew than right now.  I look forward to connecting with you.  :) Together we can do great things.  

I want to Take Action Now!


28-Day Healthy JumpStart Packages (select from menu below)

Love Your Liver Gentle Detox

Blood Sugar Redial

Healing Your Heart

Energy Reboot

Boost Your Brain

Digestion 911


These preset packages contain four 45 minute precision personal coaching sessions, session notes and mid week check ins.  You will experience a high level of support, accountability and transformative insight.  The main difference between the preset packages and the 28 Day Find Your Light is that the core material for the Preset Packages is not specifically tailored to each person but instead the Preset Packages addresses the most common issues people face with these healthy issues.  If you worry about or suffer from any of these specific areas, this is a great entry point into powerful health coaching and will get you what you need to set yourself on a course for real lasting health.  

I want to Take Action Now