Do you feel weighed down by your thoughts?  Does your life look great on paper but in reality you've lost your spark, you've dimmed your light?  

Find Your Light is about finding your freedom and your spark in your whole being, in your whole life.

  • You CAN get healthy with ease and joy.

  • You CAN feel energized and focused again.

  • You CAN end sabotage and backsliding. 


Do you...

  • Keep putting your needs behind the needs of others?
  • Feel disconnected and lost to yourself?
  • Have the feeling you are missing out and time is running out?

It is time to reveal the best, most magnificent you.  You can have what you want.  My coaching can get you there.  We will do it together.  

My journey began with health concerns but changed into a journey of Total Transformation- in my health, my heart, and my spirit.  And this propelled me to coaching.  I want to share this freedom, this joy with you. 

I will show you how to lose the weight that holds you down.  I will help you find what lights you up.  There absolutely is a way to create the life you love.


Benefits of Working With Me:

  • You'll uncover the real reason changes don't stick.
  • You'll discover how self-care is not selfish.
  • You'll uncover a new exciting lightness in your body and mind.
  • Your goals will be a source of inspiration and joy again.
  • You'll remember what it feels like to be full of energy!
  • Your mind and spirit will feel free and open.
Before I started working with Renee, my life was good and I was happy, but I was feeling stuck and didn’t know how to move past it. Working with Renee was wonderful; she taught me the tools I needed to show up for myself without guilt. I learned how to uncover my motivations and realize what was holding me back in our weekly sessions. I learned how to be truly honest with myself. I do believe what Renee has to offer is something you can’t do for yourself. Getting a health coach is the best thing I have done for myself and now my life is happier and better in so many ways.
— J.T. (California)

Read more testimonials from clients.   Interested in finding out more about me? I've got my own story to tell.

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